SammyDress vs. Dresslink

Sammydress offers some of the best discounts on clothes. A quick comparison between Sammydress VS Dresslink can help to resolve the question about where the better deals are at. Both the sites offer unique qualities but Sammydress does come out a little better than Dresslink does. Take a look at the comparison chart below to get a better idea of why the Sammydress reviews are much more positive than the Dresslink reviews.
Sammydress reviews come in at 5 stars every time while Dresslink typically comes in at about 4 stars by reviewers.

Sammydress Reviews

Sammydress reviews include comments like “great products, fast shipping times” and “by far a great experience from start to finish, I love the T shirt I bought”. Consumers are just very satisfied with the products and the customer service that they receive. Of course the Sammydress clearance section is also a big hit. You can save up to 70% off! Reviewers loved that they were able to use a Sammydress promo code and get free shipping and/or deep discounts. Everyone loves to save!
Sammydress vs Dresslink
A quick comparison can help to make your shopping decision a lot easier:

Sammydress Dresslink
Mobile App YES
Number of items in stock 200,000 10,000
Customer support Online chat, email, phone Email, phone
Shipping Free on many items Free ONLY if you choose China post

It is easy to see when you do a side by side comparison why more people choose Sammydress. Of course the huge savings in the Sammydress clearance section is a big pull for consumers but it goes way beyond the great savings.
Convenience when you shop is a must. Sammydress offers an app that you can download so that you can shop on the go! Dresslink does not offer an app at this time. How about the larger selection? Sammydress has over 200,000 items in their inventory while Dresslink only has 10,000 items so if you are looking for the largest selection than Sammydress is where you should be looking. Free shipping on many items is available WITHOUT penalty. At Dresslink the only way you can get free shipping is by choosing China post which will delay your order by up to 4 weeks. Free is only good when you can get your order on time not a month later.

Customer service is also an important aspect of the shopping experience. If you have a question about something you are considering buying it is nice to get an answer right then and there like with Sammy dress’s online pre sale chat feature. Dresslink does not offer a pre-sale chat feature.
Sammydress coupon offers are consistent which means that you do not have to worry that you will not be able to find any. They are available often and are easy to find.

Sammydress customer support

Overall, Sammydress offers great support to their customers. They have a tremendous inventory of the latest styles that are always on trend and the prices are always low. If you are looking to save and have an exceptional shopping experience than Sammydress is the place to go! Check out today!